LoatesHR: Highly experienced 5-star rated team of CIPD qualified HR consultants ★ Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Burton upon Trent, Peak District, East Midlands

Loates HR Consultancy & Loates HR Recruitment

Loates HR Consultancy

Loates HR Consultancy is a 5-star rated HR consultancy that provides outsourced HR support and employment law advice for small to medium sized businesses. We're based in Derby city-centre, and most of our clients are from the surrounding East Midlands area.

We’ve got a wealth of practical experience, with our senior consultants having spent over 25 years providing HR support and advising on employment law issues. We’re also extremely well qualified, both professionally and academically. We’ve worked with businesses with a single employee, as well as those with tens of thousands. We’ve helped work-from-home startups, and also major global corporations with numerous sites across multiple countries. We’ve worked with companies across a wide range of sectors, including service, manufacturing, charity, and academic. We’ve dealt with many specialised challenges, ranging from those that arise within unionised industries, to those that occur within family-run businesses.

We can assist you with workforce issues that are happening right now, as well as putting HR policies and procedures in place to both ensure employment law compliance and safeguard against future problems. We can also undertake long-term strategic HR projects to help you get the best from your workforce, and support your future business development.

Loates HR Recruitment

Many of our HR consultancy clients are fast growing small businesses, and these often expand to the point where they would like to move from using an outsourced HR support provider to forming their own in-house HR team. But herein lies the dilemma. How do you recruit your first in-house HR staff when you don't yet have the in-house HR experience necessary to do that? A classic catch-22 situation.

Which is where we step in. Seeing as we're actually currently active HR consultants ourselves, we know exactly what effective internal HR staff need to be able to do. So, we're perfectly placed to use our extensive HR knowledge, experience, and contacts to help you to recruit the right person for the job.